Yoga Workshop




This 1.5-hour workshop will be offered twice; once each day to ensure the class size is small enough so I can give everyone individual assistance.

The philosophy of yoga aligns closely with that of freedom, but it also offers more practical benefits when it comes to spreading the libertarian message. By helping practitioners work toward inner peace and calm, yoga and the meditative flow inherent to it helps us communicate with others in a more peaceful, compassionate, patient way. It also provides self-care to us as we cope with the statist paradigm.

To get the most from your yoga practice, however, it is crucial to learn proper breathwork and physical form. This workshop will delve into the basics of yogic philosophy but focus mostly on breathing and the basics of physical alignment. We will go over foundational form techniques and then put them into practice by workshopping a series of poses. This session is hands-on, and you will receive personal attention to ensure you are taking care of your body and not straining or jamming into your joints, but rather, using your muscles, which will build strength and suppleness and reduce tension.

It is extremely easy to injure yourself in yoga without a basic understanding of alignment, so this workshop is intended to set you up so you can practice safely and freely!

Ensure that you wear comfortable clothes that you can stretch in!

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