Governments Banning Cryptos?!

One of the more consistent headline themes dominating the coverage of the crypto market over the past year has been whether or not governments will ban cryptos. But the speculation raises the question, when exactly did deciding how people can invest their own money...

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What is Libertopia?

Libertopia is a community that espouses and promotes a society of free and responsible people. We believe in the power of individuals to govern their own affairs through voluntary associations without coercion. Each individual is unique in the universe with inherent...

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Wtf is the deep state?

I recently reconnected with a friend from fifteen years ago who used the term “deep state.” Back in those days, I was already a voluntaryist, but the only word I had was “anarcho-capitalist.” Since I was working in Hollywood, most of the people I knew were Hollywood...

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Peaceful, Voluntary, and Fun for the Family!

Peaceful and voluntary and fun for the family! Remember, children and teens will be interested in many of the subjects of liberty and voluntaryism. And they get in free with you! There will be several great speakers covering many areas of liberty. Our MC this year,...

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What does it mean to be a Voluntaryist?

My blog is called Voluntaryist Living because I’m writing about living my life as a voluntaryist, but what exactly is a voluntaryist? The Merriam-Webster dictionary, which bills itself as “America's most trusted online dictionary for English word definitions,...

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