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The Dream That Once Was and Could Be Again….

Are you tired of watching how your government has abused your trust? Tired of seeing endless bureaucratic spending and monetary mismanagement make life more challenging for you and those you love? And most of all, are you tired of reading about the negative things that are going on and wondering if there really is any…

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Governments Banning Cryptos?!

One of the more consistent headline themes dominating the coverage of the crypto market over the past year has been whether or not governments will ban cryptos. But the speculation raises the question, when exactly did deciding how people can invest their own money become the role of government? Obviously for those who have been…

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A Better Alternative to Democrats and Republicans

If you’ve grown up in the United States in the past century you’ve primarily known only two political choices – Republican and Democrat. Yet as more and more disclosure is revealed about how corrupted and also similar the two parties are, it’s exciting to see the natural growth of a third political preference. Those who believe in…

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