The Dream That Once Was and Could Be Again….

Are you tired of watching how your government has abused your trust?

Tired of seeing endless bureaucratic spending and monetary mismanagement make life more challenging for you and those you love?

And most of all, are you tired of reading about the negative things that are going on and wondering if there really is any positive hope in sight?

If so, I can understand and appreciate your concern. Because the last decade of American life in particular has been a challenging one for those who have noticed what’s been going on. With growing government intervention both home and abroad, while a long ago hijacked financial system that’s been pillaged by the banking elites has been left on the verge of collapse once again.

But there are always two sides to every coin, and this critical situation in the history of the United States is no different. Because while the ability for the government to finance itself with printed and borrowed money is coming to an end, the opportunity for the honest and good people to take their Sovereignty back has never been more within our grasp.

The biggest threat to the current government and financial system has always been running out of money and receiving the final margin call. The government debt load is now over $20 trillion, and with the latest budget projections even talking about hitting $30 trillion, there appears no end in sight. And sadly, many of our elected decision-makers have exposed their true colors and seem to not even care. Which has left the world in the situation where the dollar as the reserve currency is now on borrowed time.

So while there are ways that life as we know it are coming to an end, there is also an incredible opportunity to rebuild our nation in the spirit of what our founding fathers intended over 200 years ago. A true way of life in which you are free to go after your dreams, while having your rights respected, and in turn respecting the rights of those around you.

Imagine a world where things are not done by force, but rather through free trade and a genuine desire to peacefully coexist with your fellow man. A world in which you finally get to see the true greatness of the entrepreneurial spirit of mankind, and experience the abundance we were meant to live in.

Because if the dollar has lost 99% of its value, that means you’re really only getting 1% of your true contribution to the world. Imagine if the inflation bankers even gave back a tenth of what they’ve taken, and everyone you know instantly got a 10-time salary increase.

Imagine every single parent who’s currently working multiple jobs just to take care of their family getting ten times as much as what they were. Which could really mean getting so much of their life and freedom back. These are the types of changes we have the potential to experience when Humpty Dumpty is finally tipped over the wall.

Of course that’s just a peek inside the window of what’s possible. And if you’re ready to leave behind the negative and embrace the incredible positive movement that’s been quietly building beneath the surface, you’ll want to be at this year’s Libertopia Festival.

This May 3-6 in sunny San Diego California, Libertopia will be embracing the entrepreneurs, free-market thinkers, and honest good people who believe in a voluntaryist lifestyle. Imagine being around others who believe in consent as opposed to force, and then just think about what could be possible.

So if you’re ready to see the positive that’s emerging, and become a leader and part of the solution, we’ll see you at this year’s LIbertopia festival in just a few days!


-Chris Marcus
Arcadia Economics – Helping You Thrive While We Watch The Dollar Die

Libertopia – May 3-6th 2018 San Diego
Over 75 Speakers, Exhibitors, and Parties, Parties, Parties

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