Governments Banning Cryptos?!

One of the more consistent headline themes dominating the coverage of the crypto market over the past year has been whether or not governments will ban cryptos. But the speculation raises the question, when exactly did deciding how people can invest their own money become the role of government?

Obviously for those who have been watching the bank bailouts and increasing government intervention in the financial markets in recent years, the idea that the government is going to tell you what you can or cannot do with a crypto is not a complete shock.

Yet still, when you take a step back and think about it, it’s actually rather incredible that most have come to accept this type of intervention as a normal function of the government, particularly here in the U.S.

Keep in mind that this is also the same government that helped facilitate the housing bubble through its support of the mortgage industry. Not to mention the monetary distortion the Federal Reserve contributed through its expansion of the money supply. So the idea that these institutions are equipped to “keep the public safe,” even if that was their true intention (which personally I would dispute), is somewhat farfetched at best.

So as a result, someone who refers to himself as Satoshi noticed the wealth that has been misappropriated via inflation and decided to do something about it. Essentially he followed the spirit of the constitution that the government was supposedly predicated upon. To give your best honest effort to advance society in a peaceful free-trading manner. And speak up in positive fashion when the government has exceeded its bounds.

Obviously the idea of the blockchain represents an incredible risk to government as we know it. Because as the government has grown and mutated from its initial form, as has happened repeatedly throughout history, eventually the profligate spending leads to collapse. Which is exactly what’s beginning to happen now.

Because what doesn’t get mentioned often enough, especially given how crucially important it is, is that the government exists at this point solely upon its ability to fund itself with printed paper money. And the moment that ability is removed by the market, I’m personally curious and fascinated to see in what manner the government as we know it continues to exist.

So it’s not surprising that the governments and central banks are talking about “banning” cryptos. And perhaps this is actually leading to the ultimate showdown between the people and the Deep State. With cryptos representing the playing field.

Remember that the one advantage that the people have always had, is that as much power as the state holds, the people have a true strength in numbers. And when even a small fraction of the population becomes aware of what many of the so-called “political elites” have actually been up to behind the scenes, it’s possible the response will be overwhelming.

Fortunately, the cryptos represent a way for the people to regain much of the power that the central banking and government matrix has taken away over time. And as the markets move closer to their breaking point, while the adoption and implementation of the crypto technology becomes more prominent, there’s a chance that we could actually be headed to an era of freedom and enlightenment unlike most of us have known in our lifetimes.

So if you are crypto owner and sometimes don’t enjoy seeing the market getting pummeled in response to the latest headline of a government potentially attempting to ban cryptos (ultimately even if they try I personally don’t believe they’ll be successful), remember that at its core root emotion, it’s a sign of fear by those who know their past grip on power is beginning to fade.

So while I may want to invest in cryptos, and somebody else might not, the ideal I remember being presented with throughout my childhood public school education was that in the United States, the land of the free, I have the ability to make my own decision.

Perhaps in some ways what’s happening now is exciting. As maybe we are being given the opportunity to once again fight for our freedom. In a manner that I think our founding fathers would have been proud of.

Some good news!

So if you have been reading about potential government bans and feeling as if you miss your old country, fortunately there are others out there. And if you’d like to get involved and meet some of them, this May’s Libertopia festival has been designed to bring some of the finest minds and believers of freedom together for one great celebration.

The idea of Libertopia is based on creating a worldwide movement of individuals dedicated to the ideal of voluntary societies. Premised upon mutual respect for each person’s dignity and sovereignty.

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-Chris Marcus
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