Peaceful, Voluntary, and Fun for the Family!

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Peaceful and voluntary and fun for the family!

Remember, children and teens will be interested in many of the subjects of liberty and voluntaryism. And they get in free with you! There will be several great speakers covering many areas of liberty. Our MC this year, Jeffrey Tucker, will be talking about how Blockchain will change everything. Gary Chartier discusses how to think about the constitution. Jason Bassler will be talking about the power of social media and how to increase engagement for liberty. They can learn about the never ending problems of the third world as they listen to Jayant Bhandari while never leaving their seats in San Diego. Kevin Grigorinko and Radical Optimism will show you that the news is good for humanity and the world. Dave Scotese’s Bitcoin is many doors will give them an education on one of the most popular and truly age indiscriminate currencies. creator speaks on growing your agorist industry by rapid 3D cloning which can be run from your bedroom. Derrick Broze will break down the philosophy of holistic anarchism for you. And Teresa Warmke and her daughter Anna Skarr discuss liberty issues in parenting from both the parent’s and the child’s viewpoint.

There are subjects covered from health, law, lifestyle, entrepreneurship, entertainment, media and more. Get your tickets, and share the speakers schedule on our website with your family. Your child maybe teaching you what they learned at the Libertopia Festival!  And student tickets for those over 18 years old are only $75.  This is a great value for the access to innovative ideas and inspirational speakers we are presenting this year.

Join us and make your Libertopia experience a family weekend! Your children are the future of Liberty and Voluntaryism. Let’s inspire them to embrace their Liberty!

By Blondie Lee

Libertopia – May 3-6 2018 San Diego
Over 75 Speakers, Exhibitors, and Parties, Parties, Parties


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