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If you’ve grown up in the United States in the past century you’ve primarily known only two political choices – Republican and Democrat. Yet as more and more disclosure is revealed about how corrupted and also similar the two parties are, it’s exciting to see the natural growth of a third political preference.

Those who believe in freedom.

Perhaps roughly defined by free trade, voluntary interaction, and the opportunity to make your own decisions. Without being forced to participate in a system that you never opted into. And which generally doesn’t have your own best interests anywhere near top priority.

In the past decade I’ve begun to wonder more and more if the two parties are in reality just different façades of the same greater entity. Whether one refers to this empire effort as The Deep State, the New World Order, the Shadow Government, Illuminati, or otherwise. Designed to keep the people distracted and fighting amongst themselves while few notice the general trends both parties have helped advance.

Since the turn of the century the second George Bush doubled the national debt. Then Barack Obama took over and did the exact same. All while both were involved in numerous military excursions and furthered the intrusion of personal liberty.

So while there are perhaps some semantic differences, the general philosophy is eerily similar. A governmental system that has lost touch with its intended purpose, and perhaps more significantly, is by all financial measures nearing its end.

The stock, bond, and real estate bubbles have seemingly been pushed to the brink. And at this point the government only exists based on its ability to finance spending with paper – whether printed or borrowed. Yet in the same way that mortgage prices couldn’t keep climbing and eventually collapsed 10 years ago, the government bubble will similarly not go on forever.

And perhaps the next financial crash will be the one that bring enough awareness to the true nature of our political and financial system that it will finally be exposed on an even broader level. In the same way that many were more open and receptive to Dr. Ron Paul’s ideas after watching the housing market meltdown, I believe we’re on the verge of another event that will similarly increase awareness.

The awareness that it is not government that creates and gives us life. Awareness that civilization wouldn’t evolve into molotov cocktails in the street were it not for government. And awareness that free trade that benefits both parties has always been a greater creator of economic prosperity than slavery or business by force.

It’s unfortunate that the “land of the free” has been dominated by a two-party system that’s often more reminiscent of the Corleones and Sopranos. Yet it’s inspiring to see the way more and more (especially young) people are become exposed to and intrigued by the ideas of liberty, truth, and freedom. While also getting the chance to actually fight for them at the same time.

The financials point to us being on the verge of a shift in power that might not be entirely dissimilar from the fall of the Roman Empire. And it’s hard to imagine for most because the current reality is just what we’ve all known for so long.

Yet events like Libertopia and others, where free market and voluntarist speakers shine light on what’s possible with consent as opposed to force, represent that there is a desire for a more healthy and honest future.

So for those who have felt limited by the two establishment political options, it’s encouraging to know that whether it has an official title or not, the collection of people who believe in living and respecting their neighbor is growing.


-Chris Marcus
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