About Libertopia

Libertopia's mission is creating a worldwide movement of individuals dedicated to the ideal of voluntary societies premised upon mutual respect for each person’s dignity and sovereignty.

About the conference

Libertopia Festival is a unique experience...a 3 day celebration packed with renowned speakers, workshops, panels, parties, banquets, music, film, art, literature, commerce, exhibitors, themed camps, performers, social networking and much more!

It’s more than a conference…more than a festival…it’s our future! Why? It leaves behind the least attractive aspects of conference and festivals while encouraging a big participatory element. Libertopia also is more than “libertarian.” It’s voluntaryist to the core—bypassing and transcending politics completely. Finally, it’s kind of a model for us and a starting-point for a society of the future. It’s a kernel of something we’ll need more of very soon – especially as we watch coercive institutions begin to implode one by one. And that’s part of the reason we chose San Diego as our home. It’s in the belly of the beast. But in spite of that (or because of it?), San Diego has become a real hub of voluntaryism.

Libertopia Festival is a project of the Libertalia Foundation, Inc a 501(c)3 non-profit.