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Libertopia 2011 takes place in beautiful San Diego, California

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Welcome To Libertopia

We would like to thank all of you who attended Libertopia 2011.

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Libertopia is an annual festival of peace, freedom, music, community and ideas that will change the World.

It is a unique experience...a 3 day celebration of our individuality and diversity packed with renowned speakers, workshops, panels, parties, banquets, music, film, art, literature, commerce, exhibitors, themed camps, performers, social networking and much more!

It’s more than a conference…more than a festival…it’s our future! Why? It leaves behind the least attractive aspects of conference and festivals while encouraging a big participatory element. Libertopia
also is more than “libertarian.” It’s voluntaryist to the core – bypassing and transcending politics completely. Finally, it’s kind of a model for us and a starting-point for a society of the future. It’s a kernel of something we’ll need more of very soon – especially as we watch coercive institutions begin to implode one by one. And that’s part of the reason we chose San Diego as our home this year.

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News & Updates

Libertopia Announces Sovereign Awards

Sovereign awards banquetLibertopia is pleased to announce that the Sovereign Awards for Lifetime Achievement will again be presented to three outstanding individuals for their lifetime contribution to advancing the ideas of sovereign individuals, peace, freedom and a voluntary society. The luncheon banquet is a scrumptious feast served buffet style to allow plenty of choices for the discriminating palate. It will take place in the Marina Ballroom on Sunday, October 23, from noon to 2pm.

Richard B. BoddieThe Master of Ceremonies, Richard Boddie, a lifelong libertarian activist who went from political candidate to anarchist/voluntaryist, will begin the program with a keynote speech entitled "From 'The Matrix' of Politics to the Freedom of Anarchism."


Dr. Sharon Presley

Sharon PresleySheldon Richman will present the first award to Dr. Sharon Presley for her outstanding work in the psychology of liberty, especially resistance to authority and critical thinking skills, her co-founding of Laissez-Faire Books, and her large body of libertarian anarchist writing.


Spencer MacCallum

Spencer MacCallum

The award to Spencer Heath MacCallum will be presented by Michael Strong. Spencer MacCallum has popularized and built on the anarchist work of his grandfather, Spencer Heath, saved the work of E.C. Reigel and Michael Van Notten from obscurity, and contributed his own original thinking to the issues of voluntary society.

Butler Shaffer

Butler Shaffer

Butler Shaffer's award will be presented by the woman who has shared his intellectual journey, his wife, Jane Ellen Shaffer. During his distinguished career as a Professor of Law at Southwestern University School of Law, Butler Shaffer has written ground-breaking books on social, political and economic theory, showing how coercive institutions fail and liberty and property succeed in providing order to our world.


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Libertopia Launches Official Blog

Libertopia BlogLibertopia is pleased to announce the launch of its official blog. The inaugural blog is by Freedomain Radio host and Libertopia 2011 Master of Ceremonies Stefan Molyneux. A new blog will appear each week until Libertopia 2011 in October. Additional bloggers include Tom Bell, Scott Bieser, Gary Chartier, Debbie Harbeson, Stacy Litz, Roderick Long, Spencer MacCallum, Robert Anthony Peters, Sharon Presley, Bill Rounds, Barry Schwartz, and Marc Stevens. Please visit our new blog.


Libertopia Announces Special Program for Teens‏

Bruce RottmanBruce Rottman, Humanities teacher at Providence Hall and lecturer for the Foundation for Economic Education, will be presenting a special educational program for teens at Libertopia 2011.

High School

Challenges to Freedom: Ancient, Modern, and Future

What challenges to a free society do we face? This session explores the roots of statism, different ways of thinking about rights, and the confusion about “social justice.” We will also discuss the short video, “Lilliputian Liberty.”

Defending the Free Society: Two Approaches (Rights and Utility)

What are the best ways to defend voluntaryism? This session explores both utilitarian and rights-based arguments. We will also discuss the video “George Ought to Help.”

Grades 7--up

Unemployment: A Crusoe Simulation

What is unemployment, and where does it come from? Do government programs or wars reduce unemployment? Using a “Crusoe economics” simulation, this session shows why government programs not only don’t solve unemployment, but in fact make it worse.

A History of Money

What is money, and where did it come from? This session explores the history of money and government’s intervention with money. Comes with free money! (Unfortunately, it isn’t worth much, since it’s government money).

Final Talk: All Ages

Making Responsible Choices

Liberty necessitates responsible choices; we will examine what our responsibilities are in a free (and not so free) society. We will also discuss the short videos “We’re the Government, and You’re Not ” and “The Philosophy of Liberty.”

Reminder: All individuals under the age of 18 are admitted free when accompanied by an adult member. Please let us know the names of your children that will be attending. We will also have games and crafts and other activities for kids.


Rothbard Band performing at Libertopia

Hailing from the Alamo city in Texas, Rothbard is a rock band that strives to advance the message of liberty with thoughtful and creative music. Their repertoire consists of carefully selected covers integrated with originals that lament such absurdities as “Helicopter Ben” and “Too Big to Fail" welfare queens while other songs offer a full throated defense of freedom and give props to Ron Paul whose 2008 presidential campaign is largely responsible for inspiring lead singer David White to educate himself and others on the principles of liberty and start the band in the first place.


Spread the Word

We are especially excited about our new banners. Take a look at the forty-six (yes 46!) fun and thought provoking banners on our new Banners page. Find the ones you like and help us spread the word all over the Internet about our ideas - the ideas that will change the world.



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